Sometimes, a destination wedding is the only way to go. Maybe you and your partner come from opposite sides of the world, or maybe you always dreamed of getting married in the mountains but you currently live by the beach. The reasons could be practical or romantic, and we’re not here to judge.

It is worth remembering, though, that the carbon footprint of a destination wedding is generally significantly larger than that of a hometown wedding, and while it may be impossible to mitigate the effects entirely, there are some things you can do to help. 

    1. Choose your destination thoughtfully

    Think about where most of your guests live, and consider choosing a destination that reduces travel for the majority. Flying is a major contributor to the emissions created by a destination wedding, so cutting down on this is the most impactful step you could take.

    2. Pick a venue with on-site accommodation

    Eliminate the need for commuting locally by choosing a comprehensive venue that offers space for your ceremony and reception as well as accommodation for you and your guests. If this isn’t possible, try and find a nearby hotel within walking distance of your venue that you can recommend to your guests, or arrange a shuttle that allows large groups to commute together.

    3. Find local vendors who prioritize eco-friendly practices

    Strive for every other aspect of your celebrations to be as eco-friendly as possible by finding a team of vendors whose practices align with your desire for a lower environmental impact. Talk to them about where their products/ingredients come from, and how they will be disposed of after your event. Also, while it may be tempting to ask a familiar vendor from your hometown to take on your wedding, finding a team local to your chosen destination can avoid additional emissions from travel.

    4. Limit your guest list

    We know this can be a tough one, but reducing the number of invites you send out can have a big impact not just on how many people travel for your wedding, but also on how other aspects of your wedding can be made a little bit greener. Whether it’s by making waste easier to manage, or freeing up some of your budget to ensure you’re able to bring on your ideal eco-friendly vendor team, having a smaller wedding can play a big role in reducing the impact of your destination wedding.


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