Guest Post by Joelle Parks

Wedding favors are a fun way to give your guests a little something to thank them for celebrating with you! While they aren’t necessary, they are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding experience. There are lots of options out there, but many of them might end up stuffed in a drawer, unused or in a landfill. Here are a few ideas to make sure that your wedding favors are more intentional and eco-friendly!

Local Honey

Having local honey jars is a sweet treat for your guests! Guests love edible favors. Honey can help support the local ecosystem, support local farmers, and give guests something they can reuse in the future. There are lots of customization options with different jars and labels. After your guests have enjoyed the tasty honey, the jar can be repurposed for future use!

Plant Cuttings

What could be more special than receiving a cutting from one of the newlyweds houseplants?! Propagating plants is easier than you might think and can pass on something special to your guests that will last. Plant cuttings as a favor are zero waste when placed in a reusable jar. Once the cutting begins to root, guests can plant it in soil and have a houseplant of their own!


As I mentioned before, guests love edible favors! It’s not uncommon for there to be a surplus of dessert at a wedding. While many people love dessert, sometimes they’re too busy on the dance floor to take time to enjoy it! Having to-go boxes or bags for your wedding desserts can double as a favor. It also ensures that extra desserts don’t get thrown away and wasted.

Pro tip: before the end of the wedding, have someone box or bag up all the extra desserts. As guests line up for the grand exit, they can grab a dessert to go!

Joelle Parks is the owner and lead planner at Joelle Parks Events Co., an eco-friendly wedding planning and design company based in Charlotte, NC. Though she has unofficially been an event planner since the age of ten when she began organizing her own themed birthday parties, she has been a professional wedding planner since 2017 and is passionate about reducing waste in the wedding industry. Learn more about Joelle on her website.

Banner image by Olson Design Photography.


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